KHD Buzz – Google Panda News, Snapchat to Get Ads, Microsoft CEO’s Big Error and More

October 13, 2014 0 By Koehler Home Decor

Was the ‘New’ Panda Update Really Small Business Friendly? 

nice panda

Just prior to releasing it Google promised the new Panda update was going to be ‘lovely’ for smaller sites and the businesses that own them. But with the Panda’s visit now making its effects known has that really been the case? Read More.

Ads are Coming to Snapchat 


More quickly than anyone imagined, uber hot social network Snapchat will be launching an ad buying option sooner rather than later, according to its CEO. Read More 

Facebook Launches Local Ads Initiative 


In another overhaul of their ad options Facebook launched new local advertising options for small businesses. Read More.

So, Is PageRank Finally Dead Now? 


The demise of Google’s infamous PageRank system has been rumored for nearly two years. Now finally it seems that Google (sort of) confirmed its official death. Read More  

Microsoft CEO Angers Women Everywhere 

Satya Nadella

New Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella has managed to make an enemy of every working woman in the world by suggesting that rather than asking for a raise like their male counterparts they should rely on ‘karma’ to get them the wage they deserve instead. Read More. 

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