Great Free Resources for Your Thanksgiving Promotions

October 31, 2014 Off By Koehler Home Decor

It is commonly accepted wisdom that you should make an effort to decorate your website and social media pages to match the season, or an upcoming holiday, to boost user engagement as well as to generally offer a neat visual change.

Many of us don’t have the time, or the spare dollars in the budget, to commission a website overhaul every time the season changes though. However, you really don’t need to, as there are plenty of free resources out there that will allow you to make small festive changes that will actually have quite an impact. As Thanksgiving is the next big holiday on the horizon we have gathered some of those freebies to share with you. Enjoy!

Thanksgiving Fonts

A simple change of font can be a very easy way to create Thanksgiving themed promotional pieces or social media graphics, and there are some great fonts available that are festive, fun and free. Here are some of our favorites (click on the graphic to be taken to the download site)

Black Jack

Turkey Time

Mayflower Antique 

Autumn Gifts 

Autumn Deco

Thanksgiving Clip Art 


Clip art is another simple way to add festive touches to your website and you can find an extensive selection here. In order to download the images, backgrounds and borders you like all you have to do is right click on them, so it really couldn’t be any easier.

Thanksgiving Stock Photos 

Finally it is almost essential that you locate some legal to use, great looking – and not too overused and cheesy – Thanksgiving photo images to use in your holiday themed promotions. Although many sites claim to have completely free images the very best source we found was here and there are even some rather unusual options that will help your content really stand out.

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