KHD Buzz – 2015 Predictions for SEO, Content Marketing, Web Design and More

December 29, 2014 0 By Koehler Home Decor

2015 Social Media Predictions 


According to Jason DeMers over at Forbes magazine he believes that 2015 will see the rise of the niche social media site Ello, that the cost of advertising on Facebook will rise, Instagram will become more important than ever and..well read on to see more

2015 SEO Predictions


Do you know anything about optimizing for Duck Duck Go? Or how to earn links Google will love? Over at Entrepreneur magazine their forward looking pundits believe these are must learn SEO skills for 2015. Read More

2015 Mobile Search Predictions 

Mobile trends

All of the past predictions about the importance and growth of the ‘mobile space’ do seem to be coming true, so how best to react in 2015 with that in mind? Several industry heavy hitters weighed in on that in a predictions article published for Momentology. Read More 

Retail Trends for 2015 

2015 stock

What can retailers expect from 2015? Vend University has taken some educated guesses, and they think mobiles payments, improved social media strategies, new technology and corporate responsibility, even for small companies, are all going to be very important this coming year. Read More 

Google’s Year in Search 2014 

Before we bid 2014 goodbye it’s a time for reflection for everyone, and so as has become the norm over the last few years Google took the top searched for the year and turned them into a retrospective to help sum up another year passed by: