Online Reputation Management – Resolve to Do Better in 2019

Online Reputation Management – Resolve to Do Better in 2019

January 4, 2019 Off By Koehler Home Decor

A New Year is often a time for business owners to take a good look at the state of their enterprise and what can be improved and built upon over the next twelve months. But while many will look at their books, or at their website’s performance, their ad budgets and even their branding many are still overlooking something very important; their business’ online reputation.

These days more and more people are researching the companies they are considering doing business with online before they make a purchasing decision. If they happen to come across bad reviews on Yelp or negative comments – and increasing reviews as well on Facebook or via Google My Business it may damage their perception of your company instantly. That is why online reputation management is so important and something you should resolve to keep at the top of your to do list this year.

That can be hard, especially when the reality is that at some point a disgruntled person, even maybe a competitor disguised as disgruntled customer or client (sneaky but it happens) will post negative comments about your business. How you handle these comments is the important part though. You can actually turn a negative into a positive and enhance your online reputation in these situations, as long as you go about doing do in the right way:

Respond Quickly

A negative comment or review should be addressed as quickly as possible after you see it and addressed in a positive way. If the chance is there, respond directly to the poster rather on a public wall but even if that is not possible your reply should never be defensive. A simple “we saw your comment and we would like to know what we can do to help fix the problem” is often all it takes to open up a discussion with a disgruntled person that will hopefully have a positive result.

Go on the Offensive the Right Way

You may not always be able to placate an unhappy poster or reviewer but if theirs is one bad review or comment among a sea of good ones it will have a much smaller impact. Focusing on ways to encourage your current clients and customers to post the positives about your company that keep them coming back is more important than obsessing over a few negatives that won’t seem to go away.

Listen to The Conversation About Your Company

If you are a busy business owner it’s hard to keep track of every little thing that might be being posted about you online but it’s worth taking the time to do so.

For mentions of your company online in general a simple Google alert set with your company name can help you keep track. Social media can be harder but just checking your Facebook, Twitter and other social media page notifications every day only takes a few minutes and it will help those people who are your audience there see that you really are interested in what they have to say – good or bad.

Google Alerts, in all fairness, can only do so much though, especially when it comes to social sites like Facebook and Twitter. To monitor mentions there you can make use of the social monitoring services offered by popular social media scheduling tools like Hootsuite and Sprout Social or even just keep an eye on the notifications the platforms themselves send (although that will apply only if you are tagged in a comment.)

In the end your online reputation needs to be managed as closely as you have always managed your offline one. If you do so in a positive and proactive way then the inevitable negatives (and maybe even downright falsehoods) should have far less of an impact on your company’s good name.

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