10 Reasons Why a WordPress Powered Website is a Still Great Choice

January 30, 2015 0 By Koehler Home Decor

WordPressRecently you may have noticed a growing number of TV and print ads from companies offering you the ‘easiest ways to build your own business website’. These are not free services, they all charge a monthly fee (even though they may not be too upfront about that) but for a small business owner considering launching a new website the ads are glossy enough to be tempting.

However, should you really pay a hefty fee for something you are expected to create and maintain yourself? And are these sites really any good? Opinion differs but as longtime WordPress users for this blog we are not too impressed. We have blogged about the advantages of WordPress before, but right now seemed like a good time to do so again.

When WordPress was first released, all the way back in 2003, it was designed to provide an easy to use platform for the growing number of people making use of a ‘weblog’, the people we call bloggers these days. Over the years however, as WordPress has grown, it has become the go to choice for many for use as a content management system for all kinds of websites. There are many reasons why it has become so very popular, here are just ten of the most compelling as far as we are concerned:

WordPress is Easy to Use

Once upon a time a static website could represent a business very well. Then Google and the other search engines came along demanding to be fed a constant stream of new content from any website that wanted great placement in their search results. WordPress makes it very easy for a non techy to provide that content, as creating it is a breeze, with no computer science degree, or even any real coding experience, required.

Access Your Site From Anywhere

The WordPress ‘backend’ is entirely browser based so it can be accessed from any computer anywhere. You can even get a free iPhone or Android app that allows you to edit and post to your site from your smartphone.

No Special Software Required

Many other content management systems and ‘site builders’ require the use of a separate – often very expensive and pretty complicated – HTML editing or FTP software in order to create and post new content to a website.

WordPress does not call for such things, you have access to everything you will ever need right out of the box. And its free. If yours is a hosted WordPress you’ll have to pay a company like GoDaddy for monthly hosting, but for WordPress itself you don’t have to pay a dime. There are paid themes, but those are an option, not a requirement.

Search Bots Love WordPress

Search bots can’t read words, they read code. The code behind a WordPress powered site is clean and concise, just the kind that search bots love to gobble up.

You Control Your Website

If you have ever had to wait days for a web designer to call you back, or for a customer service rep to pick up a phone just so you can get a small change made to your site then you know what a frustrating experience that is. The simplicity of WordPress allows you, after a bit of instruction if you are new to it, make all of those changes yourself and get back to more important things, like running your business. And there are also tons of cool forums filled with WordPress ‘geeks’ who are endlessly helpful if you run into a sticky issue.

Great Customization Options

Every WordPress site, and every theme, can be completely personalized to make it truly unique, allowing your brand to shine through on every page. You can even build one of your own if you feel like learning some basic coding. The site builders on the other hand have a fixed set of templates that can be ‘customized’ to a certain degree but they do have a ‘cookie cutter’ look that was cool in the early Noughties when the Internet was new but look rather sad and dated now.

A Ready to Go Blog

Adding a blog to a website powered by many of the other CMS or build a site options is no easy task. However, as it began its life as a blogging platform that functionality is built into every WordPress powered website and it’s ready to go whenever you need it.

Plenty of Plugins

Plugins extend the functionality of a WordPress powered website in many ways and there are literally thousands of them available, many of them offered free of charge. If you want to add a certain functionality to your site, including a completing secure shopping cart and payment system, there’s usually a plug in for that available to you just a few clicks away.

Support for Multiple Users

A website, especially a retail business website which is changing all of the time, often benefits if a number of people have the ability to add to and edit it. Adding additional users, each of whom can be assigned a different level of permissions, is as easy in WordPress as sending an email to the person you wish to add and choosing just how much you want them to help.

Room for Growth

One of the biggest benefits of a WordPress powered website is its ability to grow as the company or individual it represents grows. WordPress, for all its ease is not just a tool for small business, large corporations maintain WordPress powered sites and should your business achieve that status someday your WordPress site will still be as useful as it was on day one.

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