KHD Buzz – Amazon’s Prime Gains, Tumblr Gets a Makeover, Pirated Photoshop and More

February 2, 2015 0 By Koehler Home Decor

Amazon Prime Grew by 53% in 2014


It seems like free shipping and an online streaming video service was enough to persuade plenty of people to sign up for Amazon Prime in 2014, despite the controversial $20 hike in the annual fee. So just what is Amazon doing right? Read More 

How People are Using Google Inbox


Google’s Inbox feature is still in beta right now, but as the company gets ready to open it up to a wider audience WebProNews shared an infographic, one that should be very interesting to marketers, detailing just how people are using this new innovation. Read More. 

Adobe Suing Forever 21 Over Pirated Photoshop 


Anyone who has ever purchased it knows that the full version of Adobe’s Photoshop is not cheap (about $700 as an outright purchase and $9-19.99 per month) Therefore pirated versions of the software are popular. When the pirates are caught, Adobe swoops, and the latest one caught in their new is none other than fashion retail giant Forever 21. Read More. 

How Amazon Competes with Walmart 


Amazon and Walmart; both huge retailers, both looking to capture all the bargain shoppers they can. In an article in Retailing Today just how the online giant competes with its offline foe is detailed, offering lessons for the small online retailer. Read More

Tumblr Changes Make it a Viable Blogging Option


Changes to the Tumblr interface may have just positioned it to become more than just a teenage playground, it may now be a legitimate threat to services like WordPress. Read More 

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