How to Create an Engaging and Effective How to Article to Boost Engagement and SEO

How to Create an Engaging and Effective How to Article to Boost Engagement and SEO

July 13, 2018 Off By Koehler Home Decor

Content marketing remains one of the most important elements in any digital marketing plan, but coming up with ideas for fresh, new content on a regular basis can be difficult. If and when you do become stuck however (for retailers especially) there is one content type that will always be a reliable, go-to engager; the how-to article.

A how-to article can be a truly effective content marketing piece. It provides value to the reader and, having learned something new, users have a tendency to share such informational content with others as well. For retailers, it is also a chance to showcase just what their products can do and even provides an extra direct selling opportunity. But, all of this can only happen if the how-to is created in the right way. Here are just a few pointers for doing just that.

Make Use of Visuals

A how-to that is a dense block of 750 words and nothing else can be rather intimidating to look at, let alone to read and try to learn something. On the other hand, a 400-word post that incorporates great visuals to explain key points in the process you are detailing will make it far more reader-friendly and far easier to follow.

You can make use of photos, screenshots, diagrams and even GIFs and infographics if you know how to make them (or know someone who does) to make your how to easier to follow and more appealing to read, therefore more useful. If you do want to give GIF making a try yourself ezGIF is a great free online utility you can make use of and for infographics, Canva’s¬†infographic creator is an excellent choice for beginners.

Use Basic, Straightforward Language

A how to piece is an instructional, not a literary, masterpiece and it is certainly not the right piece of content to use to show off your great knowledge of flowery prose, or worse still the kind of confusing business babble that some people insist on using. The piece does not have to read like a first-grade reading primer but the language you use should be basic, straightforward and not open to misinterpretation.

Use Bullet Points

The proper use of bullet points can further help a reader navigate the piece and will allow them to easily skim back through it when they actually attempt to execute whatever action the piece is instructing them on. Use bullet points to organize your content into steps or to highlight the most important steps in the process you are describing.

Consider Making an Explainer Video as Well

Some people are just not made to follow written instructions, as they are really visual learners. To accommodate these people, as well as to add another great weapon to your content marketing arsenal, consider turning your how-to into an explainer video as well.

You don’t need to hire out actors, or even go on camera yourself, you can simply convert the text and images into an attractive and engaging video. Great choices for creating such videos with relative ease include Adobe Spark, Powtoon¬†and Biteable Then, by offering both options to your audience you stand a far better chance of reaching, and engaging, a wider audience; both those who prefer to read their instructions and those who like to watch them, not to mention the double SEO whammy of both an article and a video appearing in the search results.

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