How to Make Your Infographic Go Viral With Ease

February 20, 2015 0 By Koehler Home Decor

infographics-factory-word-cloudWe have all done it. Come across an infographic in our travels around the Internet, so interesting or entertaining that we have been compelled to immediately share it on Facebook, tweet it, and/or pin it on a Pinterest board, even if that is not something we always do.

If it does ever ‘go viral’, an infographic can be a massively effective way to get your marketing message across, or to bring wider recognition to your brand. And while you can never be sure that your infographic will catch the attention of the masses, there are certainly some things you can do to improve its chances of doing just that.

Identify Your Goals – In order for it to be effective as a promotional tool, you need to determine exactly what your goal is for your infographic. Do you want to build your ‘brand profile’ by educating and/or entertaining people or do you specifically want it to help you gain customers or sell a product? The type of infographic you produce will be determined by the answer to these questions

Tell Just a Single Story – Infographics contain lots of different pieces of information but they should all always relate to the same central idea. Creating a great, shareable,
one involves devising a way to share facts, figures and information about a single idea in
a new way, not just jumbling some random facts together and adding some cool cartoon clip art.

Get Your Facts Right – To avoid potential embarrassment, it’s crucial you make sure that that the facts you include come from a reliable, accurate and verifiable source. When you think the piece is finished make sure that you go back and check that any numbers you have included are absolutely right as well, as an extra zero added or omitted by mistake can change everything!

Don’t Overdo the Design– The appeal of a great infographic is also its design and visual appearance but that does not mean you should go so overboard with the visuals that the actual message gets lost. To get a good balance between the two elements, look at some of the infographics that have personally appealed to you in the past for help and even inspiration.

Make It Easily Super Sharable – In order for an infographic to go viral people have to share it and so you do need to make it as easy to share as possible. As well as the very obvious links on major social media sites offer an embed code so that people can add it to their own websites or blogs. Offer a PDF that can be downloaded and printed off. The more ways you infographic can be shared, the more likely it is to go viral.

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