Wholesale Product Spotlight – Ring in Spring with a New Wind Chime

February 25, 2015 0 By Koehler Home Decor

Even the grinchy groundhog agrees that there really only can be a few more weeks of winter before spring arrives, even if it does not seem that way right now. And with spring on the way you thoughts are probably drifting to the idea of warm afternoons and evenings spent in the sun, admiring your growing garden and listening to the soft tinkle of windchimes in the distance. Except, wait a minute, you don’t actually have any..

There is no need to shatter that dream though. At Koehler Home Decor we carry a wide range of windchimes to suit every budget and every taste. Here is a look at just a few of them:

For Birdlovers: Cardinal Garden Windchimes

If you are one of those lucky homeowners whose garden attracts colorful birds then they should soon be returning to add that little extra splash of color to your yard. Until then you can still add a little avian beauty, as well as some beautifully soothing sounds, with our Cardinal Garden Wind Chime.

This colorful, beautifully beaded piece features three colorful cardinals sitting among flowers and leaves and surrounded by beautiful, glittery beads that create beautiful music in the summer breeze.

For the Dreamer: Celestial Windchimes

The sun, moon and the stars are captured on Earth in the form of this beautiful dreamy looking windchimes set. Dominated by a bright golden sun at its top, shining silver metal bars which create a beautiful sound when they blow in the wind are surrounded by blue crystal stars. The piece is completed by a marvelous moon chime completing an ornament that will look perfect wherever it is placed.

For the Minimalist: English Garden Windchimes

Sometimes, less is more, as this elegant set of windchimes demonstrates admirably. Weatherized wood look pipes hang from a simple square but as an aesthetic whole the look is a stunning one. Inspired by the windchimes from an English garden of old these windchimes will add a dignified touch to your porch, patio or garden while also adding some soft, natural music to your surroundings whenever the breeze stirs.

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