The Five Types of Marketing Content You Should Be Making Use of Right Now

March 13, 2015 Off By Koehler Home Decor

As a business owner you have probably heard a lot – an awful lot – about the importance of content marketing. And indeed, content marketing is a strategy that any business, or individual, can make use of to promote their products, services or even just themselves.

A good content marketing plan encompasses more than one type though; in fact there are at least five that should at least be considered by anyone brainstorming a content marketing plan.

Right now, there really are five types of content that any business should be making use of right now in order to honestly be able to say they have a balanced plan:


There are a great many reasons that video has a definite place in any marketing strategy. Study after study has shown, for example, that consumers who watch a promotional or explainer video for a product are far more likely to actually buy it, as the evidence ‘of their own eyes’ is more persuasive, and reassuring as to the product’s suitability to their needs, than any other content form.

There are advantages in terms of exposure as well. Almost all videos are hosted on YouTube, the world’s second largest search engine after its parent company Google, which offers a potential audience of millions. And as YouTube videos are so very easily shared and embedded a single video can be put to a myriad of different uses.

Then there is the rise of Facebook video to be taken into consideration as well, as recently videos uploaded directly to the platform have actually begun to outperform YouTube videos for many small businesses.


In terms of written content lists are among some of the most popular, both with consumers and the content creators themselves. For writers they are relatively easy pieces to come up with quickly. For consumers they offer useful information in the quick to digest, bite sized format that they crave, so it’s basically a win, win content creation strategy all around.

How Tos

How Tos are almost as popular as lists in general terms. Most people head online a great deal looking for learning. They want to learn what to use to unblock a sink, how to decorate a kids bedroom, how to fix their computer, how to make their garden look prettier and so on and so forth. Offering instructional content about your products and services, whether it is in written or video form is a great way to engage your audience, promote yourself and your offerings and also establish you and your company as authorities in your niche.


Whether you actually need to present data to support a proposal or simply want to share interesting findings to engage your audience, infographics are an effective, entertaining and visually stimulating way to do so. Here are some interesting fast facts about infographics to consider:

90% of the information that is transmitted to the human brain is not textural but visual.
People are 200% more likely to like images on Facebook over text posts and on average a social media page experiences a 12% increase in traffic after publishing an infographic.

A well designed, visually exciting infographic can be used over and over again and it is somewhat unique in that a great infographic can be made viral by an audience that had never even heard of your company before simply because they found it useful and think others will too.


Continual content creation can be extremely draining and time consuming, and after all, you do actually have a business to run as well. Interviews can be a great way to get a break from the hard slog of continually brainstorming new ideas and to tap into someone else’s instead.

One of the easiest options is to turn to your existing customers. Ask them how your products (or services) have impacted their life. Interview an employee to offer the always appealing ‘behind the scenes’ look that people find so interesting. This can be done in audio, visual or written form (or maybe all three) and will provide you with useful, sharable content that should still engage your audience without exhausting you.

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