Understanding The Importance of Social Media Marketing Content Objectives and Planning

Understanding The Importance of Social Media Marketing Content Objectives and Planning

October 26, 2018 Off By Koehler Home Decor

At this time of year, most retail businesses are at least considering ramping up their social media presence as a part of their overall holiday shopping marketing campaigns. However, some small retail businesses chug and chug away at social media marketing, following all of the advice they read, see and hear from any number of outlets and yet really don’t see that it is getting them anywhere.

What’s going wrong in these cases? One of the biggest reasons a social media marketing campaign fails is if there are no content objectives outlined from the beginning of the project, or if there are these objectives are not adhered to. Content objectives are different than outcome objectives as they focus only on the content that will be curated
or produced, not what it may or may not achieve for you in terms of results.

It Started with a Bang…

Most businesses – small and large – have now realized that participation in the world of social media is no longer an option, it has become a must. So off they go, signing up for accounts on all the big social networking sites and then spending more than a few hours crafting the perfect (for their company) profile. They then spend even more time trying to determine who the best people to follow/friend/connect with would be. They make four or five great initial posts. Then they get stuck. What else are they supposed to tweet about? Just what should their status updates say today? And who is in charge of it all anyway?

This is where the content objectives come in. Setting goals, defining what will be done, by whom, and by when is essential to make sure that the social media marketing plan you want to execute actually comes to fruition, instead of petering out like a dead firework.

A Simple Plan is All You Need

Your content objectives do not need to be complicated or overly planned, they just need to be clear and concise. Here is a simple example.

Set up Tweets and Facebook updates to post twice a day about X,Y and Z topics. 2 posts should be textural, 2 image based.

Pin 5 items per week on Pinterest relating to A and 5 more on Instagram relating to B.

Create a blog with a minimum of 25 posts on X topic by Z date. Social bookmark and share each of them as they are published.

Create three videos about Y topic. Post to all relevant social networking sites that accept videos.

Questions to Ask Yourself When It Comes to Social Media Messaging

Before you begin an kind of social media marketing program for your business though it is essential that you spend some time deciding not only what information you want to share and when but how you want your social media “voice” to come across to your audience, whether the message be in the form of a Twitter micro-blog, a Facebook status update, a YouTube video or a 500 word blog post.

Consistency is one of the biggest keys to the success of any social media marketing campaign, whatever niche you may be operating in and that consistency has to extend to the “face” you present out there in social media land.

So, to help you to define your messaging ask yourself these three questions:

What do you want people to know about you or your company?

What is it that you want your social media audience to understand about your company, product or service? That you are “green”? That yours is a family owned business? Every company has unique defining characteristics, you just have to figure out what those are in your case.

What are your top selling propositions?

What is it about your company and its products and/or services that are most saleable, and how can you talk about them in the social media world without falling into the “hard sell” that is so frowned upon in that arena.

What is the desired ‘tone of discussion’?

Every business brand needs to find their voice and then use that voice consistently, across all of the different social media platforms they may choose to interact on. Some businesses choose to take the fun and friendly approach, which does work very well in the social media world but it may not be the appropriate tack for your business to take, a more authoritative voice may be more appropriate.

Use the Right Talents for the Right Tasks

So you have a content objectives plan, you seem to have found your social media voice but now who is going to implement all of this? If your company has several employees you can designate content according to talent. Perhaps John is great on camera but Jane writes very well. So that is the blog and video tasks taken care of already! Assign tasks based on the talents that your staff already possesses. If you are not sure what those are, ask, you may be surprised just what your staff is capable of.

If you are a one man (or woman) band then in order to meet those content objectives you may need to draft in outside help. It will mean a small extra expense but if you are serious about building a social media marketing campaign that will work in the long term it is one that is well worth making, especially around the big holiday shopping season.

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