Opportunity Marketing, Riley Curry and the New Marketing Mindset

June 19, 2015 Off By Koehler Home Decor

You may have heard of the term opportunity marketing but are not quite sure what it means, therefore, really don’t know if it would be a good fit for your small business marketing plans. A very good recent national example gives us an opportunity to explain the concept as little further.

These days sports are about much more than just good sportsmanship and great entertainment – it’s a money-making machine for players, teams, sponsors and a myriad of different retailers in almost every niche. Every athlete it seems has their own shoe, shirt or even fragrance, team marketing is even bigger and everything from sports star themed decor to electronics accessories to cake decorations and more is big business almost everywhere.

That’s why both the National Basketball Association and the Golden State Warriors must have ecstatic about the fact that they are getting huge worldwide publicity right now, even in countries where basketball is not a huge deal, practically for free, thanks to 2015 antics of MVP Stephen Curry’s two year old daughter Riley Curry.

For weeks she’s been a top basketball trending tag on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Vine. She’s helped make the Golden State Warriors an internationally known name in places where no one had a clue who they were, something that certainly isn’t hurting merchandise sales during the NBA Finals.

And thanks to content like this it’s not hard to see why:

And advertisers are certainly not above cashing right in on Riley’s new found fame as well. Under Armour, the sneaker company that sponsors her Dad, released a special toddler version of his signature shoe bearing her name even before her star making press conferences, based off the appeal of the photos and videos on her mother’s Facebook and Instagram pages.

Is it OK to use a two year old as a marketing tool? Well, that may be a debate for another time. Although she doesn’t really seem to mind, Riley is a great example of Opportunity Marketing.

No doubt the NBA, the Golden State Warriors and even Under Armour all had very set marketing plans for the Western Conference Finals – but once Riley came along why not make the most of it?

Sometimes marketing opportunities just present themselves, as was the case here, and the key to making the most of them is a willingness to deviate from the set plan, however long it’s been in place and that is something that even the smallest companies can, with a little thought, take advantage of. You might not have a Riley Curry but you can apply the concept in other ways.

In addition to the already popular tactic of ‘tying in’ your social media updates to current national and international news events, which when done well can be very effective, you can also tie into the people and events connected to your community. You can even perhaps target certain demographics, such as engaged couples, or graduating seniors with a timely email or even SMS text messaging campaign. The key to great opportunity marketing is just that, seizing the right opportunities and when you begin to look for them you may very well find them everywhere.

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