4 Essential New Tools for Effective Content Marketing You Need to Know About Now

July 3, 2015 Off By Koehler Home Decor

Content-Marketing-Wordle-SmallerBy now most retail business owners – no matter what the size of their company – have realized that content marketing can, and should, be a part of a successful marketing strategy. However, content marketing can also be rather time consuming (to say the least) and so any tools that a business owner and their team can make use to help make the whole process both more efficient and more effective are always welcome.

Such tools come and go though, as the content marketing arena changes, which it does all of the time, especially when it comes to SEO and social media marketing. Keeping up on just which tools are the most helpful in the current climate is therefore a great idea. And to help we have come up with this rundown of useful tools that content marketers can really make excellent use of right now:


Google discontinued their keyword tool over two years ago and it’s replacement, the Keyword Planner, is a little too cumbersome to be of much use to those concerned about organic ranking. SEMrush’s big advantage is that not only can you see how various keywords are performing in general in the search engines but also across the big social media channels where keyword search is becoming more and more important.

In addition SEMrush does offer you quite a handy way to spy on the competition a little. Enter your competitor’s web address and SEMrush shows a list of the keywords for which it ranks on Google and in social media, giving you a bit of an edge when it comes to content creation.

SEMrush is free to use for up to 12 searches per day or you can purchase a monthly subscription for around $49 and up.


BuzzSumo operates in a similar manner to SEMrush but concentrates solely on social media. It will display both the keywords and content types that are garnering the most likes, shares, retweets etc in your niche and maybe help you come up with new content based on these trends.

Buzzsumo costs $79 annually for businesses with under 25 employees and coems with a free 30 day trial so that you can try before you buy.


Imagery has become a huge deal, especially in social media, but graphic designers really don’t work cheap and given that any piece of content really needs a good image you could quickly go broke if you tried to hire one every time you needed a graphic or just an eyecatching, super shareable shot for Pinterest.

Enter Canva, The Guy Kawasaki backed image creation tool that is widely acknowledged as the best choice out there right now. It’s easy to use, being entirely drag and drop based, and it boasts templates, tools and images to use to create everything from branded blog graphics to social media images perfectly sized for every platform to offline promotional tools like brochures and posters.

Canva is free to use and then certain elements are paid – special images for the most part that usually cost $1 a piece – should you choose to use them. There is however a growing body of user generated free to use content that means for the most part you can create some great imagery for your content quickly, easily and without spending a dime.


Basically Zapier is Hootsuite on steroids. Not only can you schedule posts, tweets, pins and much more you can create ‘zaps’ that set up a customized order of progressive posting across more than 300 different channels.

How does it work? As an example let’s say you want to publish a WordPress post at 9am. Using Zapier you can then set a chain in motion that will publish to social media pages at staggered intervals throughout the day, submit to bookmarking sites like Stumbleupon and even, if you like, send the content to your Mailchimp or Constant Contact account for easy inclusion in a newsletter. It’s a huge timesaver and a great way to get a proper content marketing plan in place.

Pricing for Zapier ranges from free, which allows 5 zaps per week to $125 a month which allows unlimited zapping. The $20 a month plan is probably fine for most small to medium businesses though as it allows 20 zaps a week, more than enough for most people.

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