KHD Buzz – A Matt Cutts Return? Yahoo Gets Aggressive, The Rise of Apps and More

June 29, 2015 0 By Koehler Home Decor

Matt Cutts May Not Be Gone After All


Former head of Google Webspam Matt Cutts – better known as every SEO practitioner’s best friend and worst enemy has been on leave for the better part of a year and many thought he would not be returning, but that may not be the case after all. Read More

Yahoo! Getting Aggressive in Their Bid to Grab Google’s Users 


Yahoo! is taking an even more aggressive approach to their campaign to get loyal Google users to make the switch to Yahoo! having brokered a deal that sees their page automatically set as the default search engine when a user installs Java updates. Read More 

Will Apps Replace Websites Sooner Than Predicted? 


It is a commonly held belief in some circles that there will come a time when websites are considered as antiquated as dial up Internet is right now, replaced by apps demanded by the growing army of mobile users accessing the Web from their smartdevices. And according to an op ed penned by Dan Cristo , the Director of SEO Innovation at Catalyst, that day may be coming sooner than everyone thinks. Read More

Google Removing Emjois From Search Results 


You may have noticed (and many have) that more and more companies have begun using emjois in the snippets and titles they hope to have displayed in Google Search results. This worried Google, according to new ‘SEO dude’ John Mueller and so the company is beginning to remove them. Read More.

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