KHD Buzz – Should Flash Be Killed with Fire, Amazon Prime Day’s a Bit of Bust, GameStop’s Gambit and More

July 20, 2015 0 By Koehler Home Decor

The Backlash Against Flash Continues 


Flash has been one of the most unpopular softwares in the eyes of developers for a few years now but the discovery of even more security vulnerabilities led last week to Mozilla Firefox disabling it by default, halting a great deal of traffic to sites still making use of it. Google Chrome is about to follow suit and Google themselves may begin levying penalties on Flash based sites. So the question is, isn’t it time to kill Flash with fire? Read More

Consumers Decree Amazon’s Prime Day to Be a Bust 


There was a huge amount of hype leading up to the ‘huge’ Amazon Prime sale last week, as the company promised its Prime members ‘better than Black Friday’ deals all day long. Consumers actually shopping the sale however were far from impressed. Read More 

eBay Finally Cracks Down on Duplicate Listings 


Duplicate listings have been a problem on eBay for years. And for years the company has been promising to do something about them but hasn’t really followed through in any meaningful way. That is until now…Read More

Irony of the Week: Google is Hiring a SEO Manager to Improve Their Organic Reach 


Does trying to please Google to increase the organic reach of your website drive you a bit nuts? If so, apparently the Big G may feel your pain, as it seems that they are actually in the process of hiring SEOs to increase their properties’ organic reach themselves. Read More

How GameStop is Reviving the Old to Bring in New Business 


The console video game landscape is changing quickly and video game retail giant GameStop is not waiting until downloadable games completely replace physical discs for new gen consoles – something that is coming and could decimate their business – to find new ways to make money. One way? Buy up new tech obsessed gamers old video game consoles, fix them up and then sell them on to retro gaming fans. It’s a fascinating business lesson and potentially a bigger earner than you may think. Read More 

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