Is Your Retail Website’s Search Functionality Up to the Job? You Could Be Losing Business If It’s Not

Is Your Retail Website’s Search Functionality Up to the Job? You Could Be Losing Business If It’s Not

July 20, 2018 Off By Koehler Home Decor

We have a question for you. When is the last time you thought about your e-commerce site’s search solution? No, not its place in the search results for its’ keywords, but the actual search functionality on the site itself, the method by which your potential customers search your inventory once they have arrived at your site? Sadly, for many retailers, the answer is not in a long time, and that may be a huge mistake.

If this neglect is something you are guilty of, here are some pointers and ideas to help you get the search on your site up to scratch.

A Featured Search Box

Many – maybe even most – online retail websites treat their search box rather shabbily, hiding it behind fancy slideshows, pop-ups and other ‘toys’. Paying a little more attention to your search box and restyling it can easily make a boring, dictionary-like search box into a dynamic, intuitive, and interactive tool to connect directly with customers. And as many site owners have discovered actually doing an upgrade can pay off big time.

Smart Search

While you are making your search ‘prettier’ you should make it smarter as well. It should not only be able to cope with misspellings but also understand the different variations on the same thing people may search for ie: pants, trousers, slacks. Where can you get a smarter search box like this if you don’t have such a thing? Actually, Google provides it free of charge you’ll just have to make a couple of back-end tweaks to get it up and running.

Track Site Search Data

If you aren’t tracking your site-search data, you may be ignoring the most valuable first-party customer data you can get your hands on. You don’t even have to track a huge number of extra metrics. Even something as simple as tracking the number of users who make use of your search box, in general, can be a great insight, but if you add on search conversion rate (how often a query results in a sale) and revenue per search such metrics can be even more useful.

If you do choose to make use of Google search this allows you to integrate search metrics into your Google Analytics dashboard in just a few clicks, but other solutions – like Yahoo! search and the search built in Shopify (for those who make use of that platform) offer fairly robust analytics as well, you just have to remember to use them!

The Power of the Picture

When a user searches your site are they presented with a long list of text links or are they presented with the images of products that match their search query? On average sites that can offer the latter generate 40% more click thrus to the product page itself.

Search That Actually Works

Believe it or not, a great many webmasters are in charge of a site that no longer even has a search function that works properly and don’t even realize it, because no one has bothered to check recently. Software breaks, links break all the time, so checking the functionality of your site’s search – by actually manually searching for things yourself in the same way a consumer might – is a must do task that should be scheduled to be performed at least once a month.

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