Why Any Small Business Owner Should Consider Using SlideShare

July 31, 2015 Off By Koehler Home Decor

slideshare-logoDo you use Slideshare to market your business? No? Then you may be missing out on a big marketing opportunity, one that will cost you very little in terms of both time and money to implement. This is especially true right now, as the platform has added a new set of specialist lead generation tools that could provide real customer leads that are a little more tangible in terms of obvious ROI versus Facebook fans or Twitter followers.

What is Slideshare Anyway?

We know what you might be thinking. You already have a hard enough time keeping up with your content marketing efforts on Facebook, Twitter, G+, LinkedIn, Pinterest (the list goes on and on for some) so why on Earth would you ever consider adding yet another content sharing channel to your busy schedule?

Well perhaps because Slideshare is the most popular presentation and document sharing site in the world. Perhaps because it is a low cost, easy to implement way to get even more out of that presentation you worked so very hard on. But what exactly is Slideshare anyway?

Basically Slideshare is exactly what its name suggests it is; a platform for sharing any slide presentation or infographic on almost any subject with a huge worldwide audience. Getting started is as easy as making a free account (you can upgrade later if you need to) and uploading your first presentation.

Optimize the entry the right way (more about that in a minute) and you could be on your way to reaching an audience that is truly interested in what you have to say and will be keen to share.

Another big advantage right now is the fact that Google is making a serious effort to improve the quality of their top search results, and are often now featuring informative, fact filled Slideshare presentations over any other form of content.

How to Get the Most Out of Slideshare

There is more to getting the most out of Slideshare than just uploading a good presentation. But that is what you have to start off with. For a retail business owner such a presentation does not simply have to be a listing of products. How tos of product use, trend breakdowns and more can all make great slide presentations.

There are also alternatives to the old tried and true (but not always very flexible).  With PowerPoint you can try in order to actually pull a great slideshow together. Prezi, Keynote and Sliderocket are all worth a try and if you would like to create an animated slideshow,  PowToon is a far more responsive way.

Optimizing for Slideshare

After a presentation has been uploaded you are offered the chance to add keywords and tags, up to 20 of them, so make sure that you use all of them. For the very best results do a little research beforehand, in order to figure out which search phrases would be appropriate for your content.

You should also put a little extra effort into writing your description, as it is this that will persuade a browsing user to click on your content over someone else’s. Make use of keywords but do not stuff the description full of them, otherwise your entry will appear spammy to both users and search engines even if your actual content is very useful.

Finally, SlideShare does allow you to make use of links within your presentations themselves and your account profile so do be sure to take advantage of that fact. Good backlinks are getting harder and harder to come by these days so obtaining them from a site that the search engines trust, which is largely the case for Slideshare can be great for your website’s SERPs visibility as well as your overall reputation and ‘brand’.

The new lead generation features are worth a look as well. With a budget as low as $5 a day you can add a full lead capture feature within, or next to, any of your slideshows that is then completely managed by Slideshare, saving you time and effort.

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