KHD Buzz – Yelp!’s Fortunes Slipping, Amazon’s Big Prime Coup, Facebook Messenger for Business and More

August 3, 2015 Off By Koehler Home Decor

Poor Reviews for Yelp!’s Q2 Performance 

Yelp kids

Things are not going so well for the formerly high flying review site Yelp! as in addition to a disappointing Q2 performance overall their longtime chairman has jumped ship and their display advertising offering is faltering. Read More

Amazon’s ‘Top Gear’ Coup May be the Amazon Prime Boost They’ve Been Looking For 


Amazon makes no secret of how hard they intend to keep pushing their $99 a year Amazon Prime Service. Their Prime Day Sale, which was intended to significantly boost subscription figures was more than a bit of a bust though.

Last week they revealed their latest inducement for consumers to sign up; the signing of the team that formerly led the wildly popular Top Gear show on the BBC to create an exclusively for Prime, no holds barred reboot of their old show. And with millions of motoring fans globally desperate for their Jeremy Clarkson fix it may be the best reason for stumping up for Amazon Prime yet.. Read More

Facebook Wants to Sell Businesses on Messenger – But How Much Will it Cost? 


As a part of the discussion on an earnings call last week Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg discussed some interesting innovations coming that will allow businesses to use the Facebook Messenger service to reach consumers. But just how much will doing so eventually cost them? Read More

Google to Tell Users When Not to Shop 


A new Google feature will be rolling out soon that should be of great interest to bricks and mortar retail concerns; a feature that tells users when to avoid to visiting businesses because they are ‘too busy’. Read More 

Controversial eBay Feedback Tweak Rolls Out Globally  

Controversial eBay Feature That Was In Testing Gets Global Roll-Out - WebProNews

eBay has been testing an addition to their Feedback system that has been upsetting more than a few sellers. But despite the backlash over the feature – which asks buyers to answer ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to a question about predicted vs. real arrival times – is rolling out globally anyway. Read More

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