Wholesale Product Spotlight – Spooky Skull Halloween Decor

Wholesale Product Spotlight – Spooky Skull Halloween Decor

October 2, 2019 Off By Koehler Home Decor

Fall means a lot of things to many people. For many it means that all the fun and fright of Halloween is just a few weeks away and it’s time to start thinking up scary ways to add a Halloween twist to their home decor. And what screams Halloween more than a good scary skull?

Just in time for the run up to the creepiest time of the year Koehler Home Decor has stocked up on a slew of scary skull decor to help meet anyone’s Halloween decor needs.

For those who like a little extra whimsy the Rockin’ Headphone Skull Figurine would be a great choice while the See Hear Speak Skulls Trio offer a creepy twist on an age-old adage. Prefer your skulls to be a little more on the traditionally terrifying side? Then the 3D effect Skeleton Wall Decor Set should fit the bill perfectly.

Skull decor can even be functional! Our Skull with Lighted Orb will not only scare your guests but light their way, as it is holding a bright LED orb in its crooked teeth!

Whatever your bony preferences, this Halloween we have you covered. Shop the Halloween Skull Collection wholesale at Koehler Home Decor.

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