5 Amazing Free Resources for Great Holiday Marketing Stock Images

October 9, 2015 0 By Koehler Home Decor

Visual-MarketingMore than ever before, marketing and advertising of any kind is increasingly image driven. From finding just the right images to engage visitors to a website to tracking down great visuals to add to a newsletter to simply locating that one great photo to attract more clicks to a social media post it can seem that anyone promoting their business needs an almost inexhaustible supply of images. And that is doubly true for retailers once holiday marketing time rolls around.

This is a headache however for those who own a small business or a start up concern. The images used in their marketing materials have to meet all the right copyright standards so they have to source them very carefully. Stock sites exist a plenty to help, but they can prove very expensive to use, especially if you need a lot of images.

Then there are free stock sites. But how can those be of any real use? After all why would anyone give anything away for free when they could charge for it, so those sites must be filled with substandard images right? Actually that is not always the case. Here is a little about some excellent, lesser known, free stock photo services that can provide anyone with some great imagery to use for all kinds of content creation purposes, including all of those festive imagery needs that you will need to start filling very soon.


Stock.Xchng is the free arm of the paid stock site iStockphoto. This does mean that in most image searches the top results returned will be paid images hosted on the parent platform but with more than 401,700 guaranteed free images in its database and counting, signing up for a free account at Stock.Xchng does open up quite the treasure trove of freebies and if you really fall in love with a paid image you are likely to be able to score a discount.


Pixabay is essentially a crowd sourced free image site, as hundreds of photographers post their work there, usually under a standard Creative Commons license. There are also a large number of particularly good clip art and vector images available that have been added in the same way, making Pixabay a good ‘one stop shop’ for those looking for free images.

Death to Stock Photo

Death to Stock Photo is a project run by two freelance designers and photographers, Ali Lehman and David Sherry that provides a newsletter, not a website, filled with some of the most amazing stock photography that money cannot buy.

The images cover all niches and are as different to standard stock photos as it gets. The newsletter is only a monthly offering at the moment though, although you will get a large free image package right away when you sign up.


Unsplash works along similar lines to Death to Stock Photo but with more frequency; their ten image at a time newsletter is sent out every ten days. The quality of the images is tremendous. All of them are in high resolution and carry at CC0 image license, which basically means that you can do whatever you like with them.

Icon Finder

Icon Finder offers both paid and free image sets, but the free sets are exceptionally good. With more than 313,000 icons available free of charge you should be able to find something that fits your needs perfectly. Just make sure, to avoid disappointment, that you have the search bar set to ‘free’ before you begin searching.

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