Social Media Contest Ideas to Spice Up Your Holiday Sales

Social Media Contest Ideas to Spice Up Your Holiday Sales

November 22, 2019 Off By Koehler Home Decor

Ramping up for that big holiday sales marketing push? For a retail business of any kind a good contest giveaway can be a huge draw and provide a great boost for your end-of-year sales. But don’t just focus on one or two holidays, take advantage of all that the time between now and January 1st offers with these great social media holiday contest ideas.

Thanksgiving ‘Essay’ Contest

This November, why not try hosting a social media giveaway contest that invites fans to remember the true meaning of Thanksgiving. Ask users to share their favorite Thanksgiving story or memory for a chance to win something cool from your company.

Black Friday/ Cyber Monday Viral Giveaway

The days immediately after Thanksgiving are, as we all know only too well, the biggest shopping days of the year thanks to two modern consumer-driven holidays; Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

The success of these days for your individual concern can depend on the Black Friday or Cyber Monday incentives or deals your business offers though, and a social media contest can help.

The first step in making your Black Friday or Cyber Monday giveaway a big hit is to promote it to as wide an audience as possible. One way to accomplish this with a contest that supports virality.

There are different ways to increase the virality of a social media promo, but for this giveaway idea, the refer a friend approach will probably be most effective.

Instead of doing a traditional giveaway for Black Friday or Cyber Monday in which one or a handful of people win a large prize, have your giveaway reward many winners, encouraging more people to enter because the odds of winning are higher. You could award multiple winners $25 gift codes for example, or a percentage off coupon for your own offerings.

Extended Christmas/Hanukkah Giveaway

This December, in the days leading up to Christmas and Hanukkah, why not try host a multi-day giveaway contest in which you give out prizes every day throughout the month?

Extended giveaway promotions that support multiple contest winners often have the highest engagement. They also help to drive the most new fans/followers /likes, etc.

Why? Because when several prizes are being given away every day for an extended length of time, people are encouraged to follow the contest. And the best way to keep up with a brand’s contest is to follow their social media feeds.

New Year’s Video Contest

Social video creation, especially on Instagram, makes it super easy and fast for contest participants to create and submit video entries.  So, celebrate 2019 and the arrival of 2020 at the New Year with your fans, by hosting a video contest.

Get creative with the kinds of video submissions you want from your entrants and try to make the context of your video contest relevant as to your brand as possible.

Also, be sure to create a unique hashtag that fans have to use in order to submit their entries, as this will allow you to better track contest entries and the conversations your fans are having about you.

Automate It

To get the most out of your holiday social media contests you should promote them across several social media platforms. Doing so ‘by hand’ is very time consuming though. Fortunately, there are several apps and softwares that can do much of the heavy lifting.

For example, Shortstack allows you to run everything from Instagram and Twitter hashtag contests, to Facebook and Pinterest giveaways and their well-designed customizable templates will help you create the eye-catching posts you need.

Another great option, and one that is very popular is Rafflecopter. This web-based content tool allows you to create a single contest dashboard that rewards users with extra entries when they perform certain actions, such as liking your Facebook page, following your Twitter, sharing content with certain hashtags on Instagram and even reading your latest blog posts.

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