Understanding How Holiday Infographics Can Increase Traffic to Your Website and Help Build Your Brand

November 13, 2015 Off By Koehler Home Decor

adweek-google-digital-holidays_infographics_lgAs the web becomes more and more visual, to be effective at least some of the content that any marketer shares, should be visually based as well. Sharing images is the most obvious way to do that, which is why image driven posts are the most popular ones on Facebook and Twitter (yes, images are BIG on Twitter right now). Moreover, image driven content sharing is the reason that Pinterest, Instagram and Tumblr are enjoying such popularity these days.

Images are especially huge during the holiday marketing season. And some of the most effective image ‘forms’ are infographics. If you take a look around you’ll see they are already popping up everywhere.

Infographics are basically images with added value in the form of solid information, which numerous studies have found makes them especially effective for content marketers. By now, many have indeed discovered the power of an infographic from a social media sharing and engagement point of view, but are less sure whether or not the investment of time, resources and money that needs to go into creating an infographic offers a good ROI in terms of actual website traffic increases and, most importantly, actual conversions, the end goal of any marketing campaign.

The fact is though that yes, when an infographic is an engaging and well put together piece, it can increase both of these metrics, sometimes quite significantly at any time of year, but especially the holidays. Here are some of the most common ways:

Attract New Visitors Who Missed Your Site in the SERPS

Ranking highly in the search engine results pages – aka the SERPS – is a tough task, especially for small to mid size businesses and entrepreneurs. There are over 300 different things – and counting – that affect the way that Google ranks a website and when it comes to many of them, the ‘big boys’ may always have the upper hand.

A great infographic however is something that anyone can, with the right tools, create. And if that infographic sparks sharing, it is likely to end up in front of the eyes of people who are interested in what you are selling but have never actually heard of you. And yet the fact that it was your company that created that interesting and informative piece of content, means that they are now likely to go and check out your website just because of that fact.

For example, lets say you own a small gift shop. You offer some of the best holiday decor town, but do tend to lose out during the holiday shopping season to bigger stores like Walmart and Target. Then you create an infographic that details, in a light hearted but informative way, of, let’s say, the Christmas tree ornament . Intrigued by your infographic, a Christmas decor lover checks out your website and is then enticed to visit your establishment by the great visuals you have displayed there. Just a handful of these conversions then cover the costs of creating your infographic, so complete ROI is achieved.

This effectiveness can be even greater during the holidays for any business. Infographics on holiday ‘facts’ are very popular and if you can find a way to tailor a few to your business and turn them into an engaging infographic that is well shared it may have a far bigger impact on your holiday sales than a dozen Facebook ads.

Reader Retention

Having a constant supply of new content on your website is a must for any site, especially one that has a product, service or idea to sell. Limiting that content to just text pieces – blog articles for example – is not taking advantage of your site’s full potential. Make even the occasional post an infographic and you are likely to retain the interest of impatient web browsers for longer. Although many people will indeed happily read through a long form blog post if they are interested in the topic the more casual observer may not, so presenting information in the easier to digest infographic form is more likely to hold their attention.

Brand Building

No matter what niche you operate in, building an established brand is a must, even for the smallest company. And there are some companies who have very successfully made infographics a part of their brand. These companies regularly create infographics that people actually begin to look forward to, lending the company a reputation as ‘those guys who make the great infographics’. That may not sound like a big deal but as a way to get people coming back to your site on a regular basis and building your brand at the same time, publishing great infographics on a regular basis can be very effective.

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