Easy Ways to Determine if your Content Marketing Efforts are Paying Off

December 4, 2015 Off By Koehler Home Decor

Content_Marketing_StatisticsThese days anyone with a website – especially one that is designed to help sell something – knows about the importance of content marketing. But for all of the time and effort you probably put into content creation and marketing how do you really know it’s actually working and that you are not just wasting time and resources? Here are some effective – and relatively – easy ways to measure the impact your content marketing efforts are really having on your business as a whole:




This is the most obvious metric to measure of course. A content marketing piece needs to drive traffic to your website, and so if you are not seeing an increase in the number of visitors to your site then something probably is not quite right with your content strategy.

But that is not all you should be looking for. A reduction in your bounce rate and a healthy number of regularly returning visitors is every bit as important.You should also bear in mind that not every piece you create will be received equally. Every content creator can tell you stories about those few pieces that outperformed all others by miles, and they are not always even too sure why that was. Keeping an eye on what general type of content attracts more attention is still a good idea though.

Keyword Visibility

‘Keyword ranking’ is getting more and more confusing, thanks to personalized and localized search. But while an actual numerical ranking may be all but impossible to calculate these days you can still get a general feel of whether or not the keywords you are using in your content are translating into the kind of SERPs placement you are looking for.


People are actually rather scared regarding backlinks to their site these days but it is still important to attract good ones. Good content is supposed to attract backlinks, that is one of its primary purposes, you just have to keep a fairly close eye on where the links are coming from and make sure you weed out the bad while keeping the good.

The Size of Your Community

By community we mean the number of subscribers to your email list, the number of active fans/followers you have out there in social media land and, for a retailer, the number of returning customers. If your community is growing, even if that growth is slower and steadier than you might like, then it’s a good sign that you are doing some good things in the content marketing space.


Another big reason to engage in content marketing at all is to have people talk about you, but talk about you in a good way. As the Internet is so vast though keeping track of who is saying what can be hard. Not all social media sites – including Facebook – are fully indexed by Google and Bing so the old advice about setting a Google Alert, while a good basic step, may still mean you are missing a lot of social media chatter. To get a real handle on the conversations about your brand, and your content, a service like Mention can be a big help.

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