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December 11, 2015 0 By Koehler Home Decor

DM-Stress-e1415137417609For retailers it is the busiest time of the year. You have 101 things – at least – to get done by the end of the day and any way to save time, and effort, while still doing a good job is something you would seriously appreciate. One thing that many small retailers find seems to be taking up too much of their time is social media marketing. Yet it’s an important part of a modern marketing plan, or at least it should be.

There are ways to streamline the actual implementation of your social media marketing though, even in the busy run up to the holidays. Here are some of the most effective.





Pick Your Platforms

Rather than dabbling in six or seven – or more – different social media platforms focus instead on just two or three. It’s far better to gain some significant traction on a limited number of social networks than flounder on a half dozen because you are simply spread too thin and haven’t had the time or energy to work out how to ‘succeed’ on them all.

The fact is that you can spend half your workweek on any given social platform, and still accomplish nothing if its just not the right one for your unique business. Pick the main platforms where your customers and clients are most likely to be found. For businesses selling primarily to consumers that’s likely to be a platform like Facebook, Instagram or YouTube. For those selling to other businesses, it’s more likely to be a more ‘serious’ platform such as LinkedIn or Twitter.

Get a Content Curation Tool

A great deal of the time spent on social media marketing is the actual brainstorming of content to post. As everyone knows by now social media is about engagement and information with hard sell taking a back seat. This means coming up with what seems like an endless stream of interesting and engaging stuff to share and that can be rather daunting.

Content curation tools can help a lot while also saving you some time. These tools go out there and do much of the research for you. Scoop.it, Feedly and Storify are all great places to start and offer free and reasonably priced plans that won’t break the bank.

Schedule Sensibly

One way that many business owners choose to save time on social media marketing is to bulk schedule updates using a tool like Hootsuite or Social Oomph. And indeed in many ways this is a great idea. It is just something that should be used with care. No one really wants to follow an account that seems like a bot. Make use of a good mix of automated posts and personalized interaction like responding to comments on posts, asking questions or simply chatting occasionally.

Assign it To Someone Who Loves It

Some people are natural social butterflies and they carry that trait online with them into the social media world as well. On a personal level they actually like (love?) social media and therefore have it all figured out. If you are not one of those kinds of people perhaps you can find someone close to your business who is who, if they can’t actually take the social media burden off your shoulders (the best case scenario) can at least give you some frequent user insights that may very well make your time spent on social media marketing more enjoyable.

Another alternative is to outsource and pay someone to do all the social media marketing for you. Again, this approach can work, but only if you choose the right person. Before you let anyone ‘loose’ with your brand you need to ensure they understand your brand voice and how to convey it.

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