KHD Buzz – Black Friday Winners and Losers, How to Win with Google My Business, Facebook App Changes and More

December 7, 2015 Off By Koehler Home Decor

Black Friday’s Biggest Losers 


The Black Friday/Cyber Monday weekend seems to have been a hit for online retail – numbers were up across the board – but for some big bricks and mortar concerns this year’s holiday shopping kickoff weekend was more than a bit of a bust. Read More

Vanity Fair Proclaims the ‘Death’ of Black Friday 


Sure some retailers did not have a great Black Friday at all this year, but did Vanity Fair go too far in proclaiming its demise? Read More.

Stop Worrying About Follow Counts – Shares Count Most on Facebook 


According to a new report when it comes to followers, likes and shares it is the latter that count the most. Read More 

Google Shares Insights About Google My Business Visibility Factors 


For a bricks and mortar business placement on Google My Business is very important but understanding just what factors help you ‘rank’ is often as hard as SEO in general. Google shared some insights that should help. Read More

Facebook’s Page Plugin Gets New – and Useful – Features 

New Facebook Logo

The Facebook Page Plugin has been updated and it now offers all kinds of new functionality, including the ability to ‘chat’ with followers and to create ‘richer’ event content. Read More 

Is This the Most Emotionally Draining Christmas Ad Ever? 

Big Christmas ads are now crossing oceans as YouTube brings the average viewer the chance to experience how Christmas is marketed all over the world. One ad that got a lot of Internet buzz last week comes from German supermarket giant Edeka. Designed to tug at the heartstrings it makes the John Lewis ad look like a laugh fest. But the twist ending? Wow, we’re not even sure what to think. Watch it for yourself to see just what we mean:

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