New at KHD – Jump Start Car Charger

December 16, 2015 Off By Koehler Home Decor

jump-start-car-charger-10In many areas of the country we still have a lot of winter to go, and in fact the worst of it probably hasn’t hit yet. Among the many nuisances and hazards the daily drivers have to face regularly in the cold weather is a dead battery.

It’s often nothing to do with the battery itself, the problem is that the cold has simply drained all of its life away. A quick jump start will usually get you going again but finding someone with miles of jumper cables to help in the middle of a winter storm is usually a pretty tall order. This is where our new Jump Start Car Charger comes in to save the day.

This ingenious little device measures just 7¾” x 2″ x 10¾” and plugs in to the 12V outlet in any vehicle. Then all you need is another car – your other half’s, your neighbor, your coworker perhaps – with a 12 volt adapter and within minutes your battery will be charging and you’ll be ready to go on your way with a minimum of fuss. it’s a great tool to keep in glove box all year round and often motorists are very glad they had it there! Buy one for yourself and one as a very useful gift!

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