End of Year Website Health Checks to Prepare Your Business for 2016

December 18, 2015 Off By Koehler Home Decor

Website-Health-PerfomanceRight now many retail concerns depend on their website in order to actually remain in business and for some it is their business as more and more retailers move into the online only space. That means that now more than ever having a ‘healthy’ website at all times is a must.

As a New Year arrives many of us are implementing all kinds of checks and reviews. Tax season is around the corner so books are being put in order and its a great time for stocktaking. One more check that should be scheduled is a website health check to make sure that your little piece of Internet real estate really is ready to face all the new challenges 2016 will bring.

As the Internet landscape changes all of the time, especially for ecommerce websites the same checks you implemented just a year ago are probably not up to date or sufficient. And while it does not have to be a huge project or a very technical one taking the time to review, update and maybe even fix your site is a must. Here are some basic pointers:

How’s You Hosting?

This year on Black Friday a number of retailers including some big names like Walmart, lost out because their websites were just not adequately equipped to handle the traffic that headed their way. While there are many things a webmaster can do to help prevent this kind of a problem much of it is down to their web hosting company, which is why this is the time to check to make sure yours is up to scratch.

Many people are not even really sure just what their hosting package entails. More specifically they don’t understand the technical specs, but those are very important. How much RAM is your site alloted? How much disc space do you have? Just what help and service is available to you if things go bad? Take the time to actually call a representative and find out.

How’s Your Security?

That any site they shop ‘at’ is as secure as possible is of huge importance to any consumer and recent stories about data breeched and hacks have shaken their confidence a little. It is your responsibility – and duty – to your customers and your business to ensure the security of your site, and not just the payment pages either. There are a number of good tools out there to help you – including various functions in Google Analytics – and it’s certainly a check to make and to make more than once a year as well.

Check Your Onsite SEO

Throughout the year most small businesses spend hours worrying about offsite SEO and marketing and pay little attention to SEO onsite. However good SEO begins at your site and in the eyes of Google it is very important, even if you don’t think about it too much. Fortunately many of the best tools to help you determine the quality of your own onsite SEO are provided free of charge within Google Analytics.

How Are You Looking?

Web ‘fashions’ change all of the time too. You may have noticed that over the last 12 months many large, well known websites – ESPN, Mashable, BBC to name just a few – have undergone a bit of a makeover and it may be time for you to consider doing the same. Partly because of the need to be mobile friendly and to accommodate the demise of Flash and partly because it is simply is in vogue, the trend is towards a more minimalist site with plenty of white space and nice clear, easy to read fonts. If you make use of WordPress or Joomla as a CMS then trying on a new ‘look’ is relatively easy and doing so make actually be a rather fun way to spend an afternoon.

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