KHD Buzz – YouTube’s Top Video Ads of 2015, Soaring Internet Ad revenues, Santa Goes Hipster and More

December 14, 2015 Off By Koehler Home Decor

YouTube Reveals Top Video Ads of 2015


Ad videos on YouTube have become as important to big brands as TV ads are, sometimes even more so and for a small concern they offer away to get their message across at the fraction of the cost. But which one perform best? every year YouTube produce a list of the top ad videos of the year and their 2015 version contains offerings starring Liam Neeson, a  couple of groups of cute kids, Lionel Messi and more. Read More 

U.S. Internet Ad Revenues Hit $15 Billion


In another record breaking quarter, a report from IAB it has revealed that Internet Advertising Revenue in the US hit $15 billion, with fourth quarter figures expected to be even higher. Read More

Are Google the Biggest Content Scrapers of All? 


Google has long penalized those who scrape content from other people’s web properties. but according to some experts the Big G themselves are in fact one of the biggest offenders themselves. Read More

How to Adjust to the Google Local Makeover 

Google Wallet

Many businesses that have a strong Google Local presence have been left rather panicked by some of the recent updates that seemed to take away many of the most useful features. They are still there though, you just need to know where to look to re -implement them. Read More 

Mall Santa Goes Hipster – Is This a New Trend? 2015-12-10 17-46-55

The mall Santa is a time honored tradition and has been a great marketing vehicle for decades. But Mall Santa is usually fat, bearded and well, old. One Santa who has been in the news a lot over the last week or so also has a beard but it’s a hipster beard and he’s something of a hunk.. Read More



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