Wholesale Product Spotlight: Decorative Mirrors Collection

December 30, 2015 Off By Koehler Home Decor

PicMonkey CollageFor many of us a New Year – and the removal of all the holiday decorations – signals it is time to add a few – or more than a few – new elements to your home decor. You can always look to mirrors for stylish appeal and practical value in every room of the house and the collection we offer at Koehler Home Decor certainly gives you a lot of options.

Looking to add a touch of vintage chic? Our  Hannah, Belle, Emily and Amelia Vintage Mirrors offer a classic and yet playfully colorful way to do just that. For a more modern look the Swell and Beam Sunburst Mirrors are a stunning choice. You can even add a touch of the exotic with the Moroccan Style Wall Mirror. 

There are so many options when it comes to decorating with mirrors – hang them, stand them up, display them alone or in groups – and our collection expands those options even further.


Shop the Decorative Mirror Collection wholesale at Koehler Home Decor.

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