How to Write a Headline That Really Sells: 8 Proven Tactics to Try

January 8, 2016 Off By Koehler Home Decor

Dreamstock_kardashian_kimContent marketing as a promotional – and SEO – tool is not going away in 2016, meaning that a good article or blog post can still provide any retailer – especially one doing business online – with a veritable little goldmine of shareable content.

When it comes to the fine art of copywriting for great content, your headline is your first – and best – chance to compel a casual browser to pay attention and read further. Without a great and compelling headline, the rest of your copy is almost useless, at least in terms of attracting ‘new eyes.’ Therefore, learning to write a good headline is a must.

Fortunately doing so is not as hard as it sounds. According to most professional copywriters, the ad people who write copy for a living rather than being forced into it because a blog post is due, there really are only eight types of headline that can (and should) be used in order to grab a reader’s attention within those all important first few seconds.


The Eight Types of Headlines That Sell

The Direct Headline – This is the headline that gets straight to the point without any attempt to be overly clever, setting out a selling proposition clearly from the start. For example; ‘ Sales 50% Up in 2015’ or ‘Free Presentation Tips Book’.

The Indirect Headline – This type of copy is more subtle in its approach, raising a question in the potential reader’s mind that is then answered within the body copy. ‘Did Kim Kardashian Help Sell More Fashion Jewelry in 2015?’ would be such a headline.
The News Headline – This one is self-explanatory, it simply indicates that the copy has newsworthy information to impart that should not be overlooked. ‘Kim Kardashian Talks About Fashion jewelry Sales’ would work nicely, provided you actually have some quotes from the subject to share!
The How To Headline – How to headlines are everywhere at the moment. Why? Simply because they work, as long as you can provide the advice the headline promises. ‘How to Accessorize Like a Pro with Costume Jewelry’ would work for this example.
The Question Headline – An effective example of this type of headline must do more than pose a simple query, it must ask a question that the reader wants the answer to themselves. Remaining on the jewelry topic, ‘Can You Use Celebrities to Sell More Fashion Jewelry’? would pique the interest of those interested in, well, selling more jewelry.

The Command Headline – Another headline that is a tried and true option, especially from a sales point of view. It simply tells the reader what to do, and should always begin with an action demanding verb. ‘Use Celebrities to Sell More Fashion Jewelry’ for instance.

The Reasons Why Headline – A Buzzfeed staple, this type of headline is another one that is in heavy use for online copy these days. Taking that sneaker sales report online? Then ‘8 Reasons Why Kim Kardashian Sells More Jewelry Than Anyone Else’ would be a good example of this headline type.

The Testimonial Headline – This headline type can immediately lend your copy extra credibility as it promises validation of your information from a respected outside source. ‘I Can Sell More Jewelry for You, Says Kim Kardashian’ would be great if of course you stood a chance of getting her to do that for you!

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