Your Retail Website is Attracting More Browsers than Buyers – Why?

January 15, 2016 1 By Koehler Home Decor

iStock_000006479483_Large-1024x682On the face of it all of your recent marketing efforts seem to be paying off. Traffic to your retail website is increasing so you must be doing something right. There must also be an ongoing interest in the products you sell. But when you delve a little deeper into the analytics you realize that the number of browsers is significantly outstripping the number of actual buyers. So what’s going wrong?

Analytics is the place to start to discover the answer. It’s not the casual browsers that you need to be too concerned with though, every store is always going to attract window shoppers. People who are delving deeper into your site – checking out your return policies, customer reviews, and FAQs or even making it to the beginning of the check out process – and then exiting without buying are the ones to worry about. They obviously liked the product and the price, so where did their shopping experience go bad? Here are some possibilities to consider:

Not Enough Information

When people shop online they expect to see more than a product image and a price. they want a real product description, several images, customer reviews and FAQs are things they find helpful too. If you are just not providing such things then you may be putting more than a few potential buyers off.

Your Store Policies are a Problem

Consumers shop online primarily because its quick and convenient. This having been said they still expect the kind of purchase assurance they are offered at a bricks and mortar store. They want to be able to return a product with relative ease and they want to know that there is a defined process in place to deal with post purchase satisfaction issues. While no retailer wants to be over lenient with their return policy you need to make sure that yours is clear and fair to both sides, or shoppers are likely to move on, even if they were happy with your pricing.

Shipping Sticker Shock

Let’s say that he potential customer came to your site in part because you were offering something at a price that was lower than your competitors and offering what seems to be a really great deal. However when they put that product into a shopping cart the shipping and handling charges give them enough of a sticker shock that they abandon the purchase.

Shipping costs are not an easy issue for etailers to deal with, especially the smaller ones. Free shipping is a big lure for consumers of course and if you can find away to juggle the numbers and offer economy free shipping then you really should. If there is no way to make that work then look for the lowest flat rates you can.

You should also be aware of the fact that the Internet opens up your website to the world. If you don’t offer shipping to foreign destinations, and some of your site hits are coming in from abroad, you’ve just uncovered why some people aren’t converting.

It’s a Trust Issue

While folks have overcome many of the fears about online shopping that kept them away years ago when the idea was a new one, every online shopper still wants to think that a company is making every effort possible to ensure that their transaction is secure and safe. Verifying your site with a trusted third party can help with this. Displaying your certificate authority’s trust mark site seal in highly visible locations around your site—especially on shopping cart and login pages – will do a lot to increase customer confidence just by its very existence.

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