KHD Buzz – Eye-Opening Smartphone Shopping Figures, Walmart Closures, Etsy Changes and More

January 25, 2016 Off By Koehler Home Decor

Online Retail Smartphone Purchases Doubled Over the 2015 Holiday Season 


Now that all of the post holidays calculations have been performed some interesting stats are coming out of the 2015 holiday shopping analytics. And one of the big takeaways is just how fast smartphone based purchases are beginning to dominate the online retail space> Read More 

IBM – Retailers Need to Keep Up With Tech Innovation to Survive 


In a quickly changing retail landscape IBM are touting the (sensible) wisdom that retailers must keep up with tech innovations in order to thrive in 2016. And they will be launching a new set of initiatives to help. Read More

CES Tech That Will Impact Local Advertising 


Speaking of tech, according to ad experts some of the technologies showcased at the recent CES conference in Las Vegas could have a major impact on local advertising in the nearer than you might think future. Read More 

Etsy to Launch Shop Video Initiative for Sellers 

Etsy - Android Apps on Google Play

Etsy sellers are about to get another potentially powerful promotional tool for their online storefronts; a new ‘Shop Video’ function. Read More 

What Wal-Mart’s Store Closures Mean to the Bigger Retail Picture 


Wal-Mart just announced that they will be closing 269 superstores globally, 154 of them in the US. And while that may not seem like a lot in the grand scale of things it may have implications for the retail industry as a whole. Read More 

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