Wholesale Product Spotlight – Faux Rattan Patio Set

February 10, 2016 Off By Koehler Home Decor

faux-rattan-patio-set-9As Spring definitely begins to show signs that it is on the way many people’s thoughts are beginning to turn to the summer and the delightful prospect of a return to outdoor living and leisurely time spent in the sun.

For some, plans for upgrades to their personal outdoor space are swinging into place as well.

As spending time in such spaces is more popular than ever outdoor decor has become as important as indoor decor. And, as is the case indoors, different people have different tastes. some love the idea of creating an elegant, English style grotto, some prefer the idea of a shabby chic inspired space and yet others like to keep things modern and contemporary.  For that last group our Faux Rattan Patio Set is just the thing to help set that tone in style.

The Faux Rattan Patio Set is a three-piece affair, featuring two generously sized chairs equipped with deep, comfy cushions and a stylish glass-topped table. Great for informal dining or simply relaxing with a favorite libation – or even just a book – this functional, stylish set would make a great addition to any porch, deck, patio or lawn.

The Faux Rattan Patio Set is crafted from polyurethane, aluminum and tempered glass and is generously sized for maximum relation and comfort. Hardy and durable it will hold up to the summer season admirably year after year and is even super easy to clean as it offers all of the style of beauty of rattan without any of the hassle!

Buy the Faux Rattan Patio Set wholesale at Koehler Home Decor.


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