Home Decor Inspirations: Southwestern Home Decorating Idea

June 26, 2012 0 By Koehler Home Decor

Robust, down to earth, rustic and infused with proud history – these are all phrases that can be used to describe Southwestern decor. Earth tones, eye catching turquoises, bold primary colors and accents and accessories with distinct Native American flavor can all be used to bring a little of the unique and charming look that is Southwestern decor into your home. Here are a few tips for those who want to try the look in their home:

Southwestern inspired accessories are one of the easiest ways to impart just the right amount of Native American influence into your new decor. Intricate dreamcatchers hung on the walls or from the ceiling are a stunningly beautiful touch and if you choose our Wholesale Dreamcatcher Heart Windchime you can enjoy a soothing sense of relaxation as well.

The fabrics used in Southwestern decorating are a very important part of the overall look. Choose heavier, coarser materials for an authentic look – blankets are fabulous in colors that complement the other elements in the room.

Lightweight, delicate furniture really does not have a place in traditional Southwestern decorating. Light or dark colored wood pieces with clean simple lines work very well as do pieces that are big, bright and adorned with eye-catching earthy patterns and designs.

The colors used in Southwestern decor are designed to mimic those you will find in nature and using them to adorn the walls in your home can add instant Southwestern appeal. For the brave, those who love to be surrounded by bright colors, a bright earthy green, a sparkling turquoise, a sunny orange or even a rich deep maroon might be ideal. For those with more sedate tastes a delicate taupe, a “dirty” cream or rich earthy browns may be a better fit.

Since bright color is such an important element of Southwestern decorating even the tiniest of accents – these lovely Wholesale Miniature Southwestern Vases – can help you add just the right amount of color and Native American flavor to almost any room in the home.

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