KHD Buzz – Social AI Bot Goes Bad, Facebook Scams Increase, Real Ranking Factors and More

March 28, 2016 Off By Koehler Home Decor

Microsoft’s AI Twitter Bot Comes Undone 


If you dream of the day when your social media posts can be completely automated then you will have to wait a little longer it seems. Microsoft’s first attempts at using an AI bot to populate their Twitter feed went terribly wrong, so at the moment, bot tweeting – or posting – is not looking good. Read More

Facebook Hijack Scams Increasing 


Facebook pages are as vulnerable – if not more so – to hacking and takeovers as personal pages and the results can be a PR disaster (to say the least.) And the increasing number of scams targeting individual Facebook users (which can affect any pages that users manages for a business) is rather daunting. Read More 

Right Side Google Ads are Gone – Did Anyone Even Notice? 


Many of those who pay to advertise with Google via PPC had something of a meltdown when it was revealed that right side ads were being removed from search results a few weeks ago. But now that it has actually happened did anyone even really notice? Read More 

Google FINALLY Reveals the Top Three Ranking Factors They Care About 


When Google’s Search Quality Senior Strategist Andrey Lipattsev finally revealed just what Google considers most in 2016 when it comes to SERPs placement many people were not that surprised. But what did Andrey – who is almost becoming the ‘new Matt Cutts’-  advise that webmasters should really be worrying about right now? Read More

Want Customers to Spend More Online? Respond Faster on Twitter 


According to a report complied by a group of Twitter engineers and statisticians businesses who respond the fastest to tweeted queries and concerns are reaping the rewards for their diligence at the checkout. Read More 

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