Wholesale Product Spotlight – Bumble Bee 3-D Garden Wall Art

beesWhile a bee may not be your favorite thing to see on a summer’s day they are essential to our environment, and if you stop seeing them in your backyard then that’s a sign we all all in trouble. And sadly the bees are dying off, and so protecting them – and celebrating them – is actually more important than ever. Our Bumble Bee 3-D Garden Wall Art does that just perfectly with the added bonus that it’s a wonderful piece of outdoor decor that would add charm to any porch, deck or patio.

The Bumble Bee 3-D Garden Wall Art is a sturdy and durable iron plaque that features a bright and cheery 3-D representation of two buzzing bumble bees hovering around their favorite flower – a big, beautiful flower. The piece adds visual interest to any space while also serving as a reminder to all that see it just how important – and amazing – those buzzy little creatures are.

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