KHD Buzz – More Google Mobile Tweaks, Twitter Data Concerns, The Truth About Online Reviews and More

Google Complete Latest Mobile Rankings Tweak


Is your site truly mobile friendly? If so you may have benefited from the rollout of the latest set of algorithm tweaks implemented by Google in recent weeks. And, unusually for the Big G, this time you don’t even have to guess whether or not you did – or are doing – the right thing as Google also launched a new tool to help you see just where your site stands instantly. Read More 

Twitter User Data a Lot Less Secure Than You Think 


If you tweet, for personal or business reasons, from home or a personal cell phone a new report, compiled by MIT researchers about the security of Twitter’s location data may be something you find a little disturbing. Read More 

The Live Video War is On, As Twitter Debuts Its Own New Video Streaming Tool 


Hot on the heels of Facebook’s big live video push Twitter is following suit, adding a ‘go live’ button in beta. Read More 

How Online Retail Is Making Healthy Eating Easier 


The growth of online produce and online food delivery services is, according to some nutritionists, helping Americans actually stick to their pledge to eat healthier. Read More

New Report Reveals Surprising Facts About Online Reviews


A new report compiled by Retailing Today has revealed a number of rather surprising facts about the way that consumers view – and use – online product reviews when making their purchasing decisions. Read More 

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