KHD Buzz – Facebook Ad Changes, New Twitter Tweaks, Celebrities Talk Online Retail and More

Facebook Ditches Its Desktop Ad Exchange in Favor of Mobile Only 


A big change is coming for those who make Facebook advertising a part of their business marketing strategy.  The company announced that they will be killing off their desktop ad exchange, FBX, in favor of a mobile-only solution. Read More

Will Twitter’s ‘Fun’ New Changes Give It the Boost It Needs? 


It’s no longer a secret that Twitter is struggling in the face of its competition, but the company now seems to be pinning its hopes of resurgence on a new set of changes that CEO Jack Dorsey terms ‘fun’. Read More

An Online Dollar Store is Changing an Industry 


The dollar store concept is not new but the concept of one that operates solely online is more recent. And one, Hollar, is starting to change the way people look at the cut price retail niche. Read More 


Google Ad Changes Look Promising for Small Businesses

Google Ads Analytics Innovations Keynote YouTube

Last week Google hosted its annual Performance Summit. Among the presentations were a number of changes and innovations coming to Google Ads that many people feel look rather promising, especially for small businesses. Read More

What Celebrities Are Buying Online 


Think that celebrities only shop in fancy department store or uber cool boutiques? Then you’d actually be wrong. To prove the point one journalist asked 12 of them to reveal just what they last purchased online. And some of the answers might surprise you. Read More 



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