5 Fabulous Social Media Marketing Tools for Busy Business Owners

June 10, 2016 Off By Koehler Home Decor

20150107_altsocialmediafullSocial media marketing can be very effective for e-commerce and retail concerns but it can also be very time consuming. Sourcing engaging content your target audience will enjoy and/or find useful, posting and scheduling it and then analyzing what is and isn’t working – and how – can take up hours of your time. Hours many small businesses simply can’t afford, both financially and in terms of manpower.

Fortunately there are a number of tools out there to help. A great many of them in fact and they do have a tendency to come and go as the social media landscape changes, which it does all the time.



But, if you do need help with your social media marketing, making use of some of them makes a lot of sense. Here then is a little about some of the best social media marketing tools available right now.


This is a great, affordable tool for content discovery, an important element in any social media marketing campaign.


Helps curate content for social media through customized content suggestions.

Simplifies social media management with easy scheduling for multiple accounts.

Allows you to connect blog feeds to each social account for immediate sharing

Other helpful features include hashtag recommendations, repeat post schedules and library to manage/save posts. It also makes social media management easy on the go through an Android app and iOS app.

Cost: Free to $100 per month

Rival IQ

This is a great marketing intelligence tool for competitor research, monitoring and analysis.


Creates market landscapes allowing you to add your own business and the competitors you wish to monitor.

For each competitor you’re monitoring, the tool gives you details such as audience size, posting frequency and engagement levels.

Allows you compare Twitter bios, LinkedIn Summaries, Facebook descriptions and so on for better understanding of how your competitors are positioning themselves.

Allows you to monitor keywords, meta tags, meta descriptions, backlinks and more.

Cost: $199-$399 per month


This is a Twitter only tool that can prove very useful for those who make heavy use of the platform.


Helps optimize your Twitter strategy by analyzing your followers and their Twitter usage patterns

Represents all insight visually for easy understanding

Serves five basic functions, which include searching Twitter bios, comparing Twitter users, Analyzing followers, tracking followers and sorting followers.

Lets you filter Twitter user bios by location and the number of followers to identify influencers within your industry.

Determine the times at which your followers are most active and share content at these time for improved engagement.

Cost: Free – $79 per month


A fabulous tool for social media analytics and brand reputation management.


Monitors your overall online presence, including social media to notify you each time your brand or a related keyword is mentioned.

Lets you view the social media post or other content where you’ve been mentioned within the app itself. The tool gradually learns your preferences and stops giving alerts for websites that you delete from the alerts.

Simplifies task management since it lets you share mentions and assign related tasks to team members.

Lets you filter the sources of your mentions in case you’d like to focus on some specific ones.

Cost: $29-$99 per month


This tool simplifies the process of making sense of how well your Facebook pages are performing.


Analyzes your company’s presence on Facebook on a daily basis and then recommends actions after analyzing 4 different metrics- presence, dialogue, action and follower information.

Helps you open up dialogue with your audience with daily content suggestions.

Provides daily statistics about your company’s page and/or any other pages that you’re interested in. This allows you to compare your efforts with more popular pages and measure your progress.

Cost: Free for all

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