How to Find the Perfect Images For Your Content Marketing Pieces

June 17, 2016 Off By Koehler Home Decor

image1.Any piece of content created whether it’s a blog post, article or social media post to help market a business and engage their audience benefits by using great images, whatever the subject. Most business owners are well aware of this yet experience difficulty finding those images. Contrary to some people’s opinion you really cannot simply do a Google image search, find something you like and right click to save it to your computer. Not only will that give you a very poor quality image to work with but it will also open up a potential legal can of worms that you really do not want to be involved in.





Images and Copyrights

In the most basic terms any image that a person creates belongs to them. They do not have to go through any legal processes; the copyright is inherent, as is the case for any piece of content. The image’s owner can then choose what they want to do with those rights and in the world of photography and imaging there are basic categories that they can chose to place their rights in.

The big mistake many people make is that when they see the term royalty free attached to an image that that means that they can use it as they wish and never get into trouble. That is a huge misconception and one that has caused serious legal headaches for many people. Royalty free means that once you have paid for an image you can use it in any manner that complies with the license you purchase, not that you can download and use it for free.

Creative Commons

A much newer concept is that of Creative Commons. This is a nonprofit organization that does help people allow others to share their creative wealth with others and this can be a great source of images.

The easiest way to understand the concept is to watch this explanatory video, especially as you can also apply the principles of Creative Commons to your own content as well.

Image Banks and Stock Services

Creative Commons is relatively new and obviously, as many photographers and artists want to make money from their work it is not for them. Rather than attempting to market their work alone though many choose instead to work via an image bank or stock service and it is from these services that many people choose to source their images as they get high quality works and the legal use of these images is not confused.

Free Stock Images.

Yes, there is such a thing as a free stock image. The selection will not be as large but you may just find the image you are looking for, so they may be well worth a look:

Free Images – This is a great source of images of people and landscapes especially.

Morgue File – The name sounds a little morbid but this is a great place to find more unusual images and even some vintage gems that you probably not even find in an Internet search.

Pixabay – This site offers vectors and illustrations as well as photos than span a wide range of genres.

Paid Stock Sites

Getty Images – Possibly the biggest stock site on the planet. The images are not cheap but oddly enough for a company that has spent a decade chasing people in the courts over the improper use of their works they now offer some of them for free use, as long as the photographer is given the right credit.

iStock – iStock is actually a Getty owned company and it offers everything a content creator might be looking for; images, videos, illustrations and even music. As long as paid is in your budget then this really is the best place to begin your image search.

Searching to Find the Right Image

Whichever of these services you chose to use you will still have to search to find the right image. All of these sites offer a keyword search as well as a category search and it is the former you should really make use of. Do not rely on a single keyword though. Try several different options in order to find the widest selection of potentially relevant images to choose from.

When you are choosing a number of images try to find images that belong to the same family in that they look like they go together. Using completely different styles – i.e.: an art quality black and white shot with a kooky colored animation – will only confuse, rather than impress, your intended audience.

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