PPC Marketing – The Fastest Way to Get To the Top of a Holiday Shopping Search?

August 19, 2016 0 By Koehler Home Decor

PPCPaid search marketing, more commonly known as PPC or Pay Per Click, is most effective when it is used in conjunction with a great organic SEO plan. It does take time to reap all the benefits of an organic SEO campaign though (never believe anyone who says that it does not) and in the meantime a traditional search based PPC campaign can bring immediate results. This may be especially helpful as you begin to plan your holiday marketing efforts for the year (you have started haven’t you?)

But just because you are paying for an ad with a search engine to boost your holiday sales does not mean that it will automatically be a success . The search engine is just another medium for advertising, like radio, TV or newspapers. It is still up to you to create a compelling campaign that will actually encourage those all important click thrus.

Understanding PPC

There is a lot more to creating and managing a successful PPC campaign than just hacking out a few short lines of copy and then paying Google or Bing to place your ad. Essentially the pay per click system is an auction and the stakes can get pretty high.

If you do not do the right amount of keyword research, A/B testing and results analysis a PPC campaign may end up costing you more than you bargained for without any good ROI to show for it.

But just what is the best way to do that these days? PPC, like organic SEO and social media, is an ever changing field. But there are some great tools out there than even PPC ‘newbies’ can make use of to help them get the biggest PPC bang for their buck. Here are some of the best for small businesses:

Google Keyword Planner

This is the usually the go-to tool for most PPC and marketers. The Keyword Planner  lets you test out possibly relevant search terms, find alternative terms as they relate to your products and/or services, and even get historical statistics on your potnetial keywords.

Google’s Keyword planner is free, and it’s a must if you’re going to be using AdWords, Google’s PPC advertising platform.


SEMRush is another competitive data tool that lets you take a peek at the paid and organic keywords your competition is using, something that could give you an upper hand.

You can search by domain, or find competing sites by your industry or services offered. The first 10 searches every day are free but after that it becomes a paid model, with plans ranging from $69-$600 per month, so it is a little pricey and best perhaps for those planning to do a lot with it.


MOZ is one of the most popular keyword tools around. It’s designed to help you hone in on the most profitable keywords for your site and to let you know when there’s room to swoop in and overtake your competitors.

MOZ gives you top 10 page rankings for every keyword, assigns each term a difficulty score, and serves up metrics that let you see when a competitor is performing well and when they are not.

This is a paid research tool – and certainly not a cheap one – although you can try it for free for 7 days.  Having said it’s not cheap though – plans start at $199 per month – you do get a lot more than PPC tools. A MOZ membership also offers in depth website analysis tools and excellent social media data so it is an investment worth considering.


Ubersuggest uses Google Suggest to help you find alternative phrases and terms that your customers might be searching for. Ubersuggest also offers you potential keywords for images, news, shopping and other vertical results. Aside from the fact that it is completely free (free is good) this is also a good tool for the keyword research beginner as it is so easy to use. On the downside though, it offers a LOT of results, and analyzing them all is not as easy as it is in some of the other platforms.

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