The Best Email Subject Lines to Make a Holiday Email Campaign a Success

October 14, 2016 Off By Koehler Home Decor

holiday-email-marketingHaving an effective call to action is one of the biggest keys to the success of any email marketing campaign. And as inboxes fill with holiday marketing emails standout e mail subject lines count for more perhaps than at any other time of the year .

Knowing that and actually coming up with one are very different things though. Here are a few simple tips for creating calls to action that convert into clicks that any holiday email marketing campaign can benefit from using:

Make Subject Lines Clear and Concise – Most people don’t actually read their email, they skim their in-box looking for just the emails that are actually worth reading. Therefore a subject line has to be good enough to catch their eye in seconds, in order for them to even bother reading it all. The best subject lines answer the “what’s in for me?” question quickly without resorting to using spammy language or jargon.

Get the Language Right – A great subject line uses bold and confident language that is effective without degrading the company’s brand image.

Create a Sense of Urgency – Why should your email recipient take a few minutes out of the precious time and click through right now? If you cannot create a compelling reason in your subject line that encourages an immediate reaction the recipient will leave the email in their inbox until “later” and later often never comes and the email goes straight into the trash instead.

Write Subject Lines that Can Multitask – The very best email subject lines can convey more than one message. Not only do they tell the reader what they can expect when they open the email but they make it hard not to as well by making the waiting content sound irresistible.

Remember: You have only a few seconds to capture attention. Subject lines with less than 50 characters have open rates 12.5% higher than those with 50 or more, and click-through rates are 75% higher. So be snappy! But be careful of exclamation points and all caps, as it tends to send your mail into spam folders.

Ten Email Subject Lines to Steal

Although we are quite sure you’ll be able to brainstorm some great holiday email subject lines of your own to get you started check of these ten tried and tested tactics for a little start off inspiration:

1. 12 Deals of the Holidays

2. Jingle Your Way to Savings! HOHOHO Coupon Enclosed.

3. Three gift ideas you haven’t thought of yet

4. Your Santa List: Ten Stocking Stuffers to please anyone

5. $X Gifts that will knock their socks off

6. Holiday shopping stressing you out? We can HELP!

7. Hot Gift Ideas in 2016

8. Three Perfect Gift Ideas

9. Santa’s worked his magic –x% Off‏

10. Order Early For Extra Savings & a Stress-Free Holiday Season

Writing great subject lines is not easy and it is hard ,even for very experienced e mail marketers, to pinpoint a single sentence that will appeal to most readers. That is why testing is so important. Pick your top two or three subject line ideas and then send the campaign out as a split test. This allows you to see just what works and what does not, giving you a great foundation of knowledge and insight into your email subscriber’s minds to build on with the next campaign.