KHD Buzz – Visions of the Future of Online Retail, The Rise of AI, Pinterest Woos Guys and More

Alibaba’s Jack Ma Outlines His Vision of the Future of Retailing


Alibaba CEO Jack Ma recently wrote to his shareholders about what he foresees as the future on global marketing, and the integrated online/offline vision statement makes for interesting reading indeed. Read More

New Male Users Boost Pinterest to 150M Active Monthly Users 


Pinterest just hit a new milestone; 150 million active monthly users in the US alone. And according to new figures from the company many of the newer sign ups have actually been men.. Read More

BHS Restructuring a Test for the Future of Offline Retailers


Recently British department store giant BHS aka British Home Stores shuttered all of its brick and mortar branches and has made a move to become online only. Some analysts are seeing this as a real test of just how struggling offline retailers worldwide may be able to save themselves after all. Read More

How is the Growth of AI Going to Change Online Retail? 


The growth of the use of AI – artificial intelligence – is all around us, from Siri, Cortana, Google search and Mark Zuckerburg’s JARVIS robot and its use is expanding in online retail too. And as this Techcrunch report explains, that could mean big changes afoot for the industry as a whole. Read More 

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