Wholesale Product Spotlight: Rustic Convertible Garden Bench


Outdoor living is one of the best things about summer. Whether it’s a bustling barbecue for dozens or an intimate family lunch in the sun, escaping the kitchen and dining al fresco is something we all enjoy. You do need to have a great dining space too though to really enjoy the experience and that is just what this very versatile convertible garden table provides.

The table can be used two ways – as a roomy, rustic dining space complete with bench seating for everyone or as a cozy, intimate garden bench perfect for a quiet, relaxing day in the sun with a good book and a cold drink! The conversion is an easy process – it only takes a few seconds – and our great wholesale price makes it an even better deal!

In terms of size, this convertible wonder is 55″ x 53¾” x 29″ high when used as a picnic table and 55″ x 31½” x 24¼” high when used as a bench. There is some easy assembly required but once that is done you will have a great piece of garden furniture that you can enjoy this season and for many summers to come!

Buy the Rustic Convertible Garden Bench Wholesale at Koehler Home Décor!.

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