The 3 Golden Rules of Content Marketing You May Still Be Ignoring

The 3 Golden Rules of Content Marketing You May Still Be Ignoring

November 25, 2016 0 By Koehler Home Decor

goldenruleNo matter how large or small your business is, or how big your marketing budget, there is little doubt that when it comes to online marketing – content marketing is a must. And contrary to the opinion of some it does not have to be rocket science; content marketing can be as simple, or as complex as you want it to be.

This said, there are some basic content marketing principles that should be guiding how you create and distribute your content. The problem often is however that even if a content marketer has heard about these principles they simply don’t follow them, often purely out of a lack of knowledge or, maybe even worse, sheer apathy. Doing so though can seriously undermine whatever content marketing efforts you do make.

What are these basics that you should be keeping in mind as you churn out those blog posts and social media messages? Here is a little about three of the most important, the three ‘golden rules’ if you like:

Always Go for Quality Over Quantity

This is a basic life tenet in general and certainly logically applies to content marketing. And yet still far too many people still think that posting and sharing ten hastily written, badly conceived – but keyword loaded and ‘SEO optimized’ pieces – is better than making the effort to create two pieces that engage, inform and/or entertain actual humans instead of search bots.

But that is simply not the case. Sure, there’s a chance that search bots will pick up your keywords and there is a slim chance that one or two of the articles may show up well in the SERPs for a brief time. But when those who click on them quickly realize that they are valueless, you’ll be damaging your brand’s reputation with those who matter most, the humans who are the ones who actually open up their wallets.

Even the Best Content Won’t Promote Itself

OK. Let’s say that you have created a piece that really is great. You latched onto a relevant, compelling topic. You did your research. Even the spelling and grammar is so spot on that your old high school English teacher would be endlessly proud. This piece is undoubtedly headed for greatness right?

Sadly, maybe not. Unfortunately, there’s a very commonly held misconception that, at this point, the content will do the rest of the work for you—that all you have to do is publish it and it will magically attract the readers, shares, and links it needs to support you and your brand.


Even the greatest content needs that initial push. It needs for you to take the time to craft – and post – compelling social media messages to draw attention to it. It needs you to link to it in your latest email newsletter. It may even need you to invest a few dollars in a short paid advertising push. But whatever methods you choose it’s certainly not going to promote itself.

Keep Adapting, Keep Reinventing

Sorry to break this to you but however busy you are you cannot rely on a static content marketing strategy. Things in the online world in general change very quickly, especially in social media and you must be ready and willing to adapt to these changes.

That new buzzed about social site? You have to take the time to learn more about it to find out if it’s a match for your efforts. Those dying sites that you keep going back to out of sheer habit (G+ comes to immediately to mind right now)? It’s probably time to let go and move on. If you want to survive and thrive in an constantly changing content world, you need to continually review, adapt and reinvent your content marketing strategy.

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