KHD Buzz – Cyber Monday’s Record Breaking Sales Figures, How People are Shopping Online, The Big Holiday Ad Winner and More

Cyber Monday 2016: Biggest Day in Online Retail History 


According to a report from Adobe, Cyber Monday madness reached new proportion this year as sales soared past $3.45 billion and into the record books. Read More

Online Credit Card Fraud Up 20% on Holiday Shopping Weekend 


Sales may have soared in the online space this past ‘holiday shopping weekend’ but, according to fraud watchdog Iovation, so did online credit card fraud. Read More

How People are Holiday Shopping Online by Numbers 


Having established just how many people are choosing to stay home this holiday shopping season and make their purchases online, the National Retail Federation (among others) have taken a look at just how these online shoppers are shopping, and what smaller online retailers can learn from it all. Read More

Online Delivery Options are More Important than Ever 


As the demand for online goods increases this season according to Forbes, one of the biggest reasons some retailers may not be able to cash in on the boom is that they are not offering customers the delivery options they want. Read More

Holiday Ads 2016 – The Surprise Winner So Far 

Splashy holiday ads are already making their mark, not just on TV but online as well. But according to Business Insider the big winner so far this year comes from a company you might not have expected to beat out the likes of Coca-Cola and Macy’s; Duracell.

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