KHD Buzz – The Real Story Behind Amazon Go, Santa Goes High Tech and More

KHD Buzz – The Real Story Behind Amazon Go, Santa Goes High Tech and More

December 12, 2016 Off By Koehler Home Decor

How Amazon Go Really Works 


Many feel that the brick and mortar convenience store Amazon that will be launching in 2017 in Seattle is the ‘supermarket of the future’ and ‘ the next big thing in retail’.  But how does it all really work? Read More

Consumers Not Warming to In-Store Mobile Payments 


Consumers may increasingly enjoy using their smartphones to shop online but according to a new report they are less than keen to use them to pay for purchases in brick and mortar stores. Read More

Is Wrestling Queen Linda McMahon Really Qualified to Lead the SBA? 


Another day, another surprising appointment by president elect Donald Trump. Last week he chose WWE co-founder and close friend Linda McMahon to head up the Small Business Administration after he takes power in January. But is she really qualified for the job? Read More

High Tech Meets Santa Claus: How Technology is Changing the Mall Santa 


A visit to a mall Santa is still a seasonal must in the eyes of many kids, but the Santas in shopping centers are rather different than the ones who have worked the seasonal beat in years past. Read More

Infographic: Facebook Video By the Numbers

Still not sure about leaving the safety of YouTube and trying out Facebook’s native video platforms for content marketing? This infographic may change your mind.





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