New at KHD – Fantastic Photo Wall Frames

December 21, 2016 Off By Koehler Home Decor


Thanks to the rise in the number of people with a smartphone – complete with camera – in their back pocket – or, in some cases, rarely leaving their hand – the number of great family photos snapped this holiday season may be more than ever before. Rather than letting them simply it on your Instagram or Facebook feed or languish on your computer why not put them to better use with the help of our new Photo Wall Frames?

Available in both 5 photo Family and 4 photo Home versions, these photo frames do more than display soon to be cherished visual memories, they are stand out home decor pieces in their own right.

Crafted from high quality iron and glass, and designed to be easy to mount on any wall, all these frames are waiting for to be complete are your favorite photographs and some wall space to call home. And, let’s be honest, there will probably be plenty of rather blank looking wall space available once all of those holiday decorations are packed away for another year, so why not let these pieces liven it up?

Buy  Photo Wall Frames wholesale at Koehler Home Decor.



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