4 Tools to Improve Your Content Marketing Impact in 2017

4 Tools to Improve Your Content Marketing Impact in 2017

January 20, 2017 0 By Koehler Home Decor

The importance – and potential positive impact – of content marketing for retail businesses in 2017 is not expected to decline but to grow. And as businesses look back on their 2016 content marketing campaigns, and plan for 2017, any one of them is likely to be on the lookout for ways to improve. One big question busy business owners are looking for the answer to is what new tools are available to enhance their content marketing game plan for 2017? Here are some of our favorites.



There are now a lot of social media scheduling services and apps available, so many in fact it’s become rather confusing to try to determine which is the best option for your unique business. Going into 2017, Buffer may be the answer.

Like Hootsuite or Social Oomph Buffer allows you to add all of your social networks to its interface to preschedule content messages. Where Buffer stands out from the crowd however is its post analytic capabilities, which are far deeper than any other service and make sending out the right content, to the right channels, at the right time far easier and much more effective.

Ninja Outreach

Influencer marketing was a big deal in 2016, is only likely to get bigger in 2017 and can be an effective tactic for even the smallest business. Where many came undone in 2016 was trying to get started at all, as they weren’t really sure where to find the influencers who could help promote their brand or how to leverage them. Ninja Outreach was designed to help solve those challenges,

Ninja Outreach provides a platform to find, contact and manage influencers. With this data, brands can build a pool of influencers and customize effective outreach email templates directly from their dashboards.


As Facebook Page organic reach continues to shrink for many businesses one focus for many in 2017 will be putting a few of their eggs into a new basket and finding different ways to reach current customers and prospects.

Pushwoosh is a surprisingly easy to use tool that allows you to send notifications to subscribers via text message or a web browser notification. You can notify people every time new content is published, share relevant curated content from others, offer sales and price drop notifications and more, bypassing the hit or miss nature of a Facebook post or Tweet altogether.


Actually coming up with ideas for fresh content and engaging social updates in the first place is always going to be an ongoing challenge any business marketing campaign has to address. Almighty.Press is a content-discovery tool, but that goes beyond measuring basic engagement metrics such as likes, tweets and share counts. The intuitive platform connects you with a real-time filterable news feed of trending content from around the globe.

The virility of the content is measured using a proprietary algorithm. This allows people to track trending content before it becomes over-saturated and basically old news. The end result is viral content topics that arrive ahead of your competitors’ and may give you an extra edge in terms of content reach.

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