How Email Campaigns Can Benefit From Users’ Love of Mobile

How Email Campaigns Can Benefit From Users’ Love of Mobile

February 3, 2017 Off By Koehler Home Decor

For better or worse, most people are, to be honest, pretty attached to their mobile devices these days. Where they go, so does their smartphone, and the amount of time the average consumer spends on the Internet via their PC is declining all the time as a result.

One big piece of ‘fallout’ from this has been Google – and other search engines – are ever increasing focus on how mobile friendly website is when determining SERPs placement. And while checking that your site meets their standards,  there is another important aspect of your overall marketing plan that should be checked; your email campaigns.

As people do tend to check their phones multiple times a day, that is also how most people now read the majority of their emails. Therefore, making sure that any emails you send are optimized for mobile is a must. But there are also advantages to being exploited here. When your emails are created with mobile readers in mind, they can better grab your subscribers’ attention—whether they’re standing in line at the grocery store or looking for reading material to accompany their lunch break.

With all of this in mind, here are three very effective ways you can leverage your subscribers ‘mobile addiction’ to better reach them.

Stay on Top of Mobile Design Trends

Designing emails that are mobile friendly does pose a number of challenges that are not really an issue when the same message is being created for desktop users. These days however it pays to tackle those hurdles and design for the small screen first. Especially as if it looks great on a little mobile screen it will also look great on a desktop monitor by default.

Here are a few quick design tips:

  • Ensure that your font size at least 16 px, for easy scanning.
    Embrace the scroll. Design in a single column and break content into defined chunks with clear, bold headlines.
    Make use of call-to-action buttons large enough to be easily tapped by a single finger, usually at least 44 square px.
    Don’t forget to customize the preview text. It’s very valuable real estate in the mobile inbox.

Big, Bold, Clean and Simple

The best mobile email designs can be described using the four words above. When composing an email, especially a newsletter, you may find that you have a lot you want to ‘say’, but as most mobile users only scan each email briefly initially, to determine if anything contained in them is worth paying closer attention to, you should make an effort to keep things as clear and simple as possible. Focus on a single goal, keep it valuable, and you’ll score much better results. And don’t forget about images, as they can, according to Marketing Sherpa, increase email engagement rates by up to 230%.

Get Creative with Your Content

There are some brands who are really getting creative with their mobile email content and their lead may very well be worth following. Some brands are offering email content that mobile users can reveal only by tilting or shaking the phone.

Others are taking advantage of user-generated content, such as social media posts; these Instagram and Twitter posts can easily be dropped into emails to share real customer recommendations that instantly add credibility to whatever you’re promoting. And gamification is growing too, with brands offering game based promotions that take advantage of mobile users’ love of simple ‘tap,tap’games.

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